The Phoenix and The Carpet / E. Nesbit

Genre: Children books, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
Main characters:The children (Robert, Anthea, Jane, Cyril), the carpet and of course the Phoenix :)
Summary: When the four kids’ nursery carpet has partially burnt because of a failed experiment of theirs, replacing it was really necessary. So their mother bought them a new one, which, curiously enough, arrived having a weird egg wrapped in it. Which, predictable enough given the book’s title, has turned out to be no less than a Phoenix’s egg. Which hatched to be a beautiful bird who told the children that their new carpet was magical also, having the power to take them anywhere they want (capable to also follow not very clear instructions like “take us to a place where there is no whooping-cough”). The adventures of the children were about to begin. A mysterious island, a hidden treasure, one hundred and ninety-nine cats and many more wondrous things were awaiting them.

First of all you have to note that the title of the book is The Phoenix and The Carpet not the other way around lest the phoenix’s dignity should be hurt (he’s a very sensitive bird). The kids are all very friendly and set on doing the right thing (making this book one recommended to children). The Phoenix is an ancient bird and very used to being worshiped, this trait of his getting them all in mischief more than once. However as he also always gets them out of trouble, all in all he’s a rather likable bird.

The book is quite captivating and written in a very friendly style. I enjoyed it a lot (even if I’m past the children books age) and I definitely recommend it.

This book is a sequel to:
Five Children and It

This book is a prequel to:
The Story of the Amulet

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